Procedure Description                                                               CPT Code                            Undiscounted Price 

Pregnancy Ultrasound>14 weeks, CPT Code-76805, Undiscounted Price $679

Pregnancy Ultrasound, Fetal Nuchal Transluceny, CPT Code-76813, Undiscounted Price $667

Pregnancy Ultrasound, limited, CPT Code-76815, Undiscounted Price $493

Pregnancy Ultrasound, reevaluation, CPT Code-76816, Undiscounted Price $592

Pregnancy Ultrasound, transvaginal, CPT Code-76817, Undiscounted Price $539

Pregnancy, Fetal Biophysical with non stress test, CPT Code-76818, Undiscounted Price $722

Pregnancy, Biophysical profile test to measure health of baby, CPT Code-76819, Undiscounted Price $550

Pregnancy, Doppler for blood flow through umbilical artery, CPT Code-76820, Undiscounted Price $511

Non-pregnancy Ultrasound - transvaginal, CPT Code-76830, Undiscounted Price $722

Non-pregnancy Ultrasound - pelvic, CPT Code-76857, Undiscounted Price $330