Pathology and Laboratory

General Health Panel, CPT Code-80050, Undiscounted Price $225

Dipstick Urinalysis, CPT Code-81002, Undiscounted Price $34

Urine Pregnancy Test, CPT Code-81025, Undiscounted Price $66 

Hemoglobin (AIC); sugar in bloodstream, CPT Code-83036, Undiscounted $90

Urine Culture, CPT Code-87086, Undiscounted Price $94

Wet Mount, specimen viewed on microscope, CPT Code-87210, Undiscounted $61 

Chlamydia Test, CPT Code-87491, Undiscounted $80

Gonorrhoeae Test, CPT Code-87591, Undiscounted $80

Test for HPV virus, CPT Code-87624, Undiscounted $194

Examination of cervical or vaginal cells, CPT Code-88142, Undiscounted $117