Insertion of non-biodegradable implant (Nexplanon), CPT Code-11981, Undiscounted Price-$683

Removal of non-biodegradable implant (Nexplanon), CPT Code-11982, Undiscounted Price-$776  

Colposcopy, biopsy of cervix, CPT Code-57454, Undiscounted Price-$1,172

Biopsy of Uterus Lining, CPT Code-58100, Undiscounted Price-$617

Insertion of intrauterine device (IUD), CPT Code-58300, Undiscounted Price-$717

Removal of intrauterine device (IUD), CPT Code-58301. Undiscounted Price-$534

Fetal non stress test; measures fetal heart rate, CPT Code-59025, Undiscounted Price-$389

Vaginal Delivery, CPT Code-59410, Undiscounted Price-$5,560

Cesarean Section (C/S) Delivery, primary doctor, CPT Code-59515, Undiscounted Price-$6,711

Cesarean Section (C/S) Delivery, assistant, CPT Code-59514, Undiscounted Price-$5,333