Anchorage Women’s Clinic offers 3D and 4D ultrasounds utilizing state of the art ultrasound equipment and technology. Our staff Ultrasonographer and healthcare providers perform a full range of OB and GYN ultrasounds.

Ultrasounds during pregnancy

Pregnancy confirmation or 'dating' - typically performed between 8 and 10 weeks of gestation.

Nuchal translucency scan - offered at 12 weeks of gestation.  This can help your provider screen for Down's syndrome, Trisomy-18 or Trisomy-13.  This screening is optional.   

Anatomy scans - performed around 18 weeks of gestation.  These provide a detailed evaluation of your baby's development including structural assessments, estimated fetal weight and potentially gender.


GYN Ultrasounds

Pelvic sonograms - performed to assess potential issues when indicators such as abnormal/heavy periods or pelvic pain are present.

Roy Slemp, RDMS, RVT


What really makes my day is when a family is truly joyful to see images of their unborn baby. I began my career doing a broad range of diagnostic imaging studies in Level 1 Trauma centers and hospital settings. I have performed imaging studies on people from every walk of life, from neonates to geriatrics. When I can find the sources of someone's pain leading them to the first step of healing, I find true satisfaction.

AWC has an atmosphere of cooperation and caring among the staff that is apparent in our patient care.

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