Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

The most recent research indicates that reducing stress levels may be the most important thing you do for you and your body. Regular massage is a great way to relax and release physical tension to help your body adjust to the many changes and discomforts during your pregnancy and following delivery. As part of your OB care at AWC, we offer our pregnant patients one complimentary prenatal massage session . Even if you are not a AWC patient, we encourage you to book an appointment and experience the benefit of prenatal and postpartum massage with a therapist specifically trained in this field.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Whether it's to let go of your daily stresses, to ease an injury or release tension in your muscles and structurally re-balance, AWC has a specially trained massage therapist on staff to provide you with a unique experience that is customized to your individual needs.  Studies show that regular massage for women of all ages has an amazing number of benefits. It is preventive medicine that reduces stress, blood pressure, muscle discomfort and enhances the general well being and health of the recipients.