One of our core values at Anchorage Women’s Clinic is to “have a positive impact throughout the greater Anchorage community”. This is a value that we work on actively, not passively, because we believe that healthy lives and healthy communities are inextricably linked.

AWC demonstrates this commitment through:

  • Sponsorship: AWC sponsors a number of fundraising and community events.
  • Participation: Our owners and employees participate in and volunteer for those events.
  • Awareness: We help get the word out through local advertising, website and Facebook.

  • Volunteerism: AWC employees are actively encouraged and recognized for volunteering their time in the community.

  • Charitable Donations Program: Our fund allows each employee to donate $100 per year to a charitable organization of their choice.

  • Jeans for a Cause Program: The first Friday of each month our employees may wear jeans in exchange for a $1 donation to our charity of the month, and AWC matches the amount contributed by employees.

  • Professional Services: Our clinicians donate medical services on their own time and through Anchorage Project Access. 

Community Partners

The organizations and community/fundraising events we actively support are shown below. We think you’d like to get to know them – each of these organizations or events plays a key part in creating and maintaining the fabric of support available to many thousands of individuals in our communities.

Click on a logo to be taken to the organization’s website, and help us make our communities stronger by supporting their outstanding work. Awareness of their mission might even help you help someone in need, simply by spreading the word…